Working in a dpd company in Germany, with a salary of 2400 euros

 Many people are looking for a job opportunity in Germany to meet their needs and requirements

The dpd company announced that they are in need of packaging and packaging for parcels, workers for loading, packing and delivering parcels in all cities and provinces of Germany, with a salary of up to 2400 euros, on a part-time basis, and without the need for a strong language or strong experience

Various job opportunities offered by the company

We offer you a brief profile of the company: -

DPD is one of the leading companies in Germany and Austria and has more than 12,000 employees spread all over Germany and Europe. The company has about 80 warehouses in Germany and Austria alone. Due to the importance of this company, many people want to get a suitable job in it.

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Advantages of working in dpd company:

- Stable job with no prior experience required. - You need a simple knowledge of the German language and do not require a strong German language. - The company grants its employees periodic bonuses and bonuses The company's salary is very good compared to other companies

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